From 1973 to the present day

2021 was a significant year for the Hotel President. The change of management brought with it a breath of fresh air and novelty. First and foremost, the renovation and rebranding project designed to welcome tomorrow’s guests into new, modern and renovated environments. For the first time since 1973, the landmark of hospitality in Lecce is being given a new look.
The hotel is reopened in Spring 2022 under the Mercure brand of the Accor International Hotel Group.

Modern and functional environments

Interior design, technical performance, finishes and the quality of the new materials chosen optimise space in both practical and aesthetic terms.
Through the use of colour, new textures and the type of furniture, functional, modern and sustainable rooms were given a new light. The 9 meeting rooms were also redesigned to provide modern multimedia equipment and multifunctional exhibition spaces.

What the project envisages

The project includes the modernisation and renovation of the 150 rooms and all common areas on the ground floor. Through the renovation of the installations, the laying of new floors, the tiling of the bathroom and lobby, the replacement of sanitary ware, showers and fixtures, the use of new paint in new colours, and the renovation and purchase of furnishings and fittings, the hotel will change its style, but always respecting its past history.

A number of existing furnishings will also be restored: headboards, built-in wardrobes, sofas, armchairs and entrance doors in order to
– Preserving and enhancing ‘unique pieces from the past’, witnesses to the design and craftsmanship of yesteryear;
– Preserved in excellent condition custom-made furniture in solid oak;
– Avoid the disposal of materials by reducing the impact and pollution of the environment.

A design choice dictated primarily by ethical, functional, environmental and economic reasons of which guests can only be proud.

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